Several years ago I was in a chat room using my Internet name "Daddy-O," and the group was talking about cars. One member of the chat group named "Cajun Lady," worked in a parts store down south. I asked her if she had ever heard of the NHRA Spring Nationals. She had and I explained to her that I live just a few miles from the drag strip where they have the event.

One of the other babes in the chat room, using the name "ICI," French for 'here,' who had been giving me a rough time, hit the panic button. I get 'flamed' many times, for excesivly talking about "panties" in the chat room. Turns out ICI, real name Helen, also lives just a few miles from the same drag strip. When you are in a chat room you have no idea where the other members live and you talk to people all over the world. Helen had panicked because it turned out she lives in Newark, (Nerk Ahia) Ohio, my hometown, only thirty miles away. I now live on the other side of the drag strip, in Reynoldsburg, a suburb of Columbus. I had gotten "uppity" and moved to the big city.

After Helen realized I probably wasn't going to come over and kick her door in for flaming me, we struck up an Internet friendship using ICQ chat. During ensuing discussions I told her my favorite parking spot in high school days, was out on Blue Jay Road. In another discussion months later, Helen told me a story about how she was busted by the police. She was caught with a boyfriend, steaming up a car behind the local skating rink. Seizing on the event, I began calling her the SRS, "Skating Rink Slut." Helen quickly returned the favor by calling me the "Blue Jay Road Gigolo" ...and history was made.

the "roll-a-way" skating rink parking lot, where helen was bushwhacked

About this same time I had connected through email with Billie Jane, sister of Roddy, my parking companion out on Blue Jay Road. This refreshed a lot of cherished memories and that prompted me to begin writing this story. Another Newark Hi friend Mary Twinem, was the inspiration for the therapist. As of this date, February 2015, I have barely scratched the surface of my colorful life and am having a great time piecing the much fragmented story together.

Visiting Newark, to take photographs for the web site, I made an embarrassing discovery. It was not Blue Jay Road we actually parked on but another road called Cotterman Road. Newark has grown quite a bit since my high school days and that area has changed dramatically. We always took Linville Pike to Cotterman Road. Cotterman Road was just a one lane, dirt road where no one lived and it connected to Blue Jay Road. This is why it was such a great place to park. The actual parking spot was in a woods off the road and very well hidden. The Grandfather of my best friend, Larry Watson, owned the land where the woods was located.

my favorite 50's parking spot, in the woods on now paved cotterman road.

Blue Jay Road has such a nice ring to it and is so much more romantic sounding than Cotterman Road. So right or wrong, I am sticking with Blue Jay Road. You know, kinda' like "The Bridges of Madison County," hahaha. Wonder who will play me in the movie? George Clooney, Russel Crow or my personal favorite, Denzel Washington...the possibilites are endless.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Blue Jay Road. Come back often as the site will expand as i have the time and inclination to do so. For some strange reason as the years add up the bouts of inspiration are further and further apart. Even though there is so much more to say...

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