second "on the couch" session.....

Therapist: Good morning Mr. Vaughn, nice day, have a seat there.
Daddy O: "Yawn,"(scratching beard) Therapist: In looking over my notes from the
first session I get the sense there is a thread here in your story, but
it is not apparent. Daddy O: (cough-cough)... Carol...(cough)...

To replace Roddy in my life I bought a
Triumph TR-3a sports car. All I thought I needed in life was that
British machine. I joined the Moundbuilders Sports Car Club and tooled around
town with the guys. The group decided to have this big party and
all of a sudden I needed a date, so it was off to Tonys Bar.

Therapist: You were a regular at Tonys?
Daddy O: Tonys was the place to be. That night I was desperate. Looking around there was this prissy girl I had taken out once, sitting in a booth . Over to the booth I went. She was sitting with four other girls so I squeezed myself in and made some small talk, then I laid the party thing on her. She started to stammer around about having another commitment. Totally out of the blue a voice said, "I'll go!" I looked across the booth and there, in the corner, were these huge brown eyes looking straight at me.

Therapist: And that had to be Carol?,
Daddy O: You talk about love at first sight, everyone else in that bar
suddenly disappeared. Several days later we were at the party, sitting on a
couch watching the action and feeling the rush of a new relationship.

Someone had to break the ice. I looked at her and said, "Ya' know, you look like Elizabeth Taylor, I always wondered what it would be like to kiss Elizabeth Taylor." Having no control in the presence of this olive skinned beauty I leaned over and gently kissed her. She looked completely surprised, embarrassed and best of all...pleased.

this photo of carol was carried in my wallet for twenty years, on the back it says...
"always yours."

Therapist: So she welcomed your amateur advances?
Daddy O: We had another date or two and then a Saturday night
came up. All morning was spent polishing the TR and looking
forward to another night with Liz. Not sure of the time to pick
her up I drove to her house to check. Her Mother said she was at
the high school getting a polio vaccine. Arriving at the school there there was
a long line of people waiting for their shot. Finding
Carol we briefly chatted and then Mr. Smooth said,
when should I pick you up tonight?..........

Therapist: You're not saying anything...hello? Mr. Vaughn, Mr.Vaughn...hello?
Daddy O: (cough-cough)... It was the single most humiliating moment of my life.
Therapist: This sounds painful. Daddy O: First her mouth dropped open
then her eyes got real big and she started to stammer.
Basically she did not know we
had a date and she had made other plans.
Therapist: Well did you or did you not have a date?
Daddy O: I wanted to die on the spot....take me Jesus and
take me now. I ran to my car, slammed it into first
gear and bolted out of there like it was Hyde Park Dragway,
feeling like the biggest fool in the world.

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