my god will this misery ever end.....

Daddy O: Yea, when I think back on it Donna was
the beginning and ending of my life. Everything I look back on
in my life has happened biblically, before and after Donna.
Her late ex-husband Gary (see visitor's page) and I had a Donna Support Group
and from time to time we tried to assist one another
in getting over her loss. Therapist: You are kidding me right?
Daddy O: Look and listen Doc, seeing is believing. We could probably recruit about
fifty other desolate members into the group, like Brett, Mike, Steve and countless others,
but we prefer to grieve alone. Therapist: My God, is she dead?

Daddy O: Well it depends on how you define the word death.
Death is suppose to be like passing through a gate, where you enter into another life,
Donna has done that. Therapist: So she is not really dead in the literal
sense of the word? Daddy O: Isn't it about time to wrap this up for today?
Therapist: But, but, you have left so many unanswered questions!
Daddy O: Gather your notes Doc, I will answer them all next time.
Yours and any others.

walden pond revisited in the persona of eileen,
she would have taken thoreau's breath away

Our Song
Philip Vaughn & Friend

Beginning in February 2009, following the suggestion of the Belgrade Beauty,
the actual songs will be added to this page.
Just double-click on a selection, to hear a clip of that song.

J-me Braig, Long Long Time, Linda Ronstadt

Carol Campbell, Mountain of Love, Johnny Rivers

Donna Chronister, Field of Yellow Daisies, Charlie Rich

Fran Cunningham, Lovin' Arms, Doby Gray

Teresa Davis, It Must Have Been Love, Roxette

Lora Dunfee, I'm On Fire, Bruce Springsteen

Orly Fried, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Meatloaf

Louise Geil, Angel in the Morning, Mary Lee Rush

Vicki Goldsmith, Baby I Need Your Lovin', The Four Tops

Judy Hart, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Simon & Garfunkle

Gloria Hlavacek, Downbound Train, Bruce Springsteen

Beth Holloway, Unchained Melody* , Righteous Brothers

Susan Kerr, I Want to Know what Love Is, Foreigner

Shelly Locke, I Stayed Away too Long, Clarance Carter

Sally Milbourn, Night Moves, Bob Seeger

Sandra Nobel, Somewhere Out There, Linda Ronstadt

Aida Papic, Mississippi, Bob Dylan

Rita Ramey, The Heart That You Own, Dwight Yoakam

Elizabeth Reed, Run-A-Way, Del Shannaon

Libby Reddaway, Proud Mary, Ike & Tina Turner

Sandy Scaffide, Love Letters in the Sand, Pat Boone

Bev Soucek, Do You Want to Know a Secret, The Beatles

Marcel Smith, The Little Boy & The Little Girl, Al Martino

Joy Staats, What Will My Mary Say, Johnny Mathis

Trish Varnado, Twist & Shout, Bill Strickland

Marcia Vaughn, Poor Little Fool, Ricky Nelson

Nancy Vaughn, Old Lamplighter, Bill Strickland

Kimberly Vaughn, The Sound of Silence, Simon & Garfunkle

Laurie Vaughn, I Luv, Tom T. Hall

Joyce Vaughn, then, Harvest Moon, Neil Young

Joyce Vaughn, now, At Last, Beyonce

Shirley Warner, Town Without Pity, Gene Pitney

Kathy Woidtke, You're in my Heart, Rod Stewart

Dalida Zdravkovic, So Far Away, Dire Straits

* Changed by agreement from: Wind Beneath My Wings, Gary Morris

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