give us a break here.....

So it was back to Green's Motor Clinic and
hanging around with the guys. Trying to decide if I should be a Priest, hehehe.
Therapist: What was Green's Motor Clinic? Daddy O: Greens
was the center of our universe. It was right across
the street from the high school and Jerry Robinson worked there so we
all hung at Greens. It went like this....Greens, three times around
the square, out to the Highboy Drive-In and back to Greens...
that was our life. Roddy lived right behind Greens, Frank Queen just down
the street. We were in a car club called the "Louvers"
and Greens was our national headquarters.

the bill strickland fan club 2000
anne, philip, valerie

Therapist: So you wanted to become a Priest? Daddy O: My love life was a total failure, my TR-3 became my life. In the fall of '62 a fraternity brother of mine from Newark, Joe Corby was getting married. There were brothers in town from all over and we met at the Moonlight Gardens, Newark's happin' night club, where I first met singer Wild Bill Strickland.

I was sitting in a booth with a group of frat boys and they were asking about my love life, being as how I had been a big stud on campus. I told them I had hit rock bottom. Told them I couldn't buy a date. Just then a beautiful young girl, with tears in her eyes appeared, looked straight at me and said, "Phil, can we talk outside?" The brothers just cracked up. It was like a bad segment of Saturday Night Live.
It was also Carol.

Therapist: Were you glad to see her?
Daddy O: It was a strange moment for me. I had
crawled into a shell and all of a sudden someone was
about to crack it open. Therapist: Did you take her up on
her offer? Daddy O: Yea I did, strutted out of there
in front of the guys like Mr. Cool, but when we got
to the parking lot I was PUTTY! She started to apologize for the
misunderstanding and said she had no idea I cared for her.
I said Carol... I thought we were almost going steady.
She was absolutely shocked. From then on we were inseparable.
Well at least until I went into the Air Force a year later and she
dumped my sorry ass. She called me one time at Ft Belvoir.
Wanted to tell me she loved me. The next week her marriage announcement
was in the local newspaper.
Perhaps someday Carol will explain that to me?


Therapist: You seem intense about most of your
relationships. Daddy O: As you well know, that is what going through life as a manic-depressive is all about. Therapist: Has this continued into your adult life? Daddy O: Absolutely. Therapist: Give me an example. Daddy O: Kathy.

Remember the movie "Field of Dreams" it and they will come? I built a kitchen in my house, just for Kathy...but unlike the movie she was a no show. Therapist: Were you dejected over this? Daddy O: Very much. We were introduced by my late friend Bill Strickland. He knew we both liked antiques and said we had a lot in common. He was right. We were the two most stubborn people on earth.

"See Ya."

Kathy actually moved to Florida to end our relationship. She couldn't work it out any other way so she packed up her kids and split for Orlando. Therapist: Seems a little extreme? Daddy O: We were very much in love but we couldn't work it out. Her 33 year old husband had dropped dead, in the front yard, raking leaves. The kids did not want her to get married again. I flew down to Orlando to see her in 1986. It didn't take long to realize our relationship was doomed.

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