you have your ups, you have your downs...

Therapist: So you tend to have lasting relationships, is there anyone
that holds the record? Daddy O: Yes there certainly is and that
would be Judy. We are talking thirty plus years and no longer counting.
Therapist: No longer counting or no longer? Daddy O: Both.
Therapist: Uh oh. Please explain. Daddy O: On the advice of my attorney
I should just shut up.

Therapist: YIKES! Daddy O: After thirty-two years the relationship came to a matter of legal correspondence. What I had been told all those years may not be true. You want to really get to know someone, have your attorney give them a call. That little boy on my knee told me once, "You're like a Father to me."
Someday there is going to be a soft knock on my door. Will it be him, will it be her, or both.

michael  judy
Vintage 1992, ahhh the tangled web we weave.

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