on and on and on...

Therapist: Is there anyone you think a lot about but don't
talk about? Daddy O: Yea, Louise. Louise has this sort of private area
in my mind. We were in art school together, in the late sixties,
after my Air Force tour. It was a special time.
My wife worked in the dean's office and one of her
coworkers asked her to lunch. In the middle of the lunch the
gal said she had something to tell my wife
but it was extremely difficult. She stammered around and finally
blurted out that her husband had seen me up on Court Street
kissing this young student. My wife said, "Oh, that must have been Louise."
Therapist: So your wife wasn't shocked? Daddy O: Naw.... but the friend was horrified, "You mean you know her" she screamed? My wife said, "Oh she is out at the house every night, up in the studio with Philip, doing whatever art students do." If I ever had what many people call a soulmate, it was probably Louise.

Therapist: I'm looking over my notes and I was
wondering if you were ready to discuss Lora yet. Daddy O: Nope!
Therapist: Is it really that difficult? Daddy O: Nope!
Therapist: Well it seems obvious there is something here we should delve into.
Daddy O: Nope!

Therapist: Sigh...ok, then how about getting back to Little "T"?
Daddy O: Every guy should have a least one smokin' hottie in his
life, Little "T" was mine. Therapist: Isn't that a stretch?
Daddy O: I walked into the bedroom one day and Teresa was
putting on toe nail polish. I said 'What color is that?'
she said
'Slut Red.' When it came to Little "T" you
had to go with the flow. Every since Teresa, I have tried
extremely hard to never get hurt again.
She was 33 and left me the day before I turned 50. She
married a guy 20 years old. She tried to call me a
few times after that, but he put a stop to it....HAHAHAHAHA,
like I was competition, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Therapist: How did you manage to ease the pain?
Daddy O: Well I tried to make a go of it
with Vicki, but Des Moines, where she lived, was a long way off. We were friends at Newark Hi
and had a date in college. Thirty years later I wrote her
a letter when her Father, I had worked with, died. She replied. I called. She called. I
called a lot. She called a lot. She came to see me, and we
took a trip to Wilkesville. I really, really liked her...she went back
to Des Moines, end of chapter.

We had spent a wonderful 4th of July together,
Red, White and Boom! Romance always makes me want to paint.
Vicki got my last painting, a scene from our
trip to Wilkesville.

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