tear out my heart...

Therapist: Have you had a "Love of Your Life" Daddy O: Well, ummmmmmm...yes, sort of. Therapist: That sure is a low key answer for such an outgoing guy. Daddy O: Well there is more than one. Therapist: There can't be more than one. Daddy O: Well there is.

philip and beth
At the wedding, 1985. What PAIN looks like up close!
The first one was Marcel and then she was replaced by Beth. Therapist: You mean it isn't Donna or Carol? Daddy O: Or Lora or Roddy or Molly or Jocelyn or...or hahahahahaha!
The love of my life isn't necessarily the one I loved the most. It is more like the one that caused me the most pain.
It isn't like an award.

When Beth split she left me $400 worth of new clothes neatly laid out on the living room furniture. Twenty years later (2003) I took the photographs at her fourth wedding.

Jocelyn 1960
On my 21st birthday I had my one and only date with Jocelyn. We went to visit my college roommate Don Chapman in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. This was in May and she wore a beautiful yellow sundress with the largest yellow hat you have ever seen. The hat had two long yellow tails on it that twirled in the breeze as we walked across the lawn of the mansion on the Chagrin River.

A week after I returned home Don's mother called me and wanted to tell me Jocelyn was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. She was right.

Therapist: So Joceyln had you really revved up? Daddy O: I kissed Jocelyn once in my life and it was on the back steps of the cottage across from the Frat house. It was like having ice water poured over you and your heart on fire at the same time. Therapist: No long-term thing here? Daddy O: In my dreams. I defer all matters Jocelyn to Frat Brother Page.

You flunked out of school because you didn't study, you loser.
Therapist: Well then lets discuss Marcel, the "First," love of your life. Daddy O: College boy falls head over heels in love with college girl, boy flunks out of school, girl marries his big brother, end of story. Therapist: C'mon....that didn't happen. Daddy O: We are talking Olympic Style pain here Doc.

Religion got in the way. Marcel and the Pope were cousins or something, I couldn't deal with it. My Frat Big Brother John had graduated and returned for our annual Spring Dream Girl Dinner and sat next to Marcel and I. Marcel was on a two year school program and graduated that June. The next Fall John comes down to Ohio U. to ask "me" for her hand in marriage. He said they had bumped into one another at a shopping center in Cleveland, hahahaha.....
Goodbye Philip....It's been unreal! Marcel driving John's Corvette

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