all blue all the time...

Daddy O: She gave me her phone number on a little plastic strip with embossed numbers. I had never seen anything like this way back in 1964. It was from a new machine called a label maker, at the bank where Nancy worked. We met when I tripped over her chair, coming out of the restroom, at the Four Acres Nightclub in Amanda, Ohio. I asked her to dance, she said yes.
Fifty years, one divorce, two beautiful daughters, four wonderful grandchildren and one great-grandson later, we still speak. We both live in the Reynoldsburg area and see one another often, at family gatherings. Nancy and Joyce, my second wife, always sit together because they have so much to talk about. Mainly what a jerk I am.
Therapist: So it wasn't a nasty divorce? Daddy O: Well it never should have happened. Therapist: How so? Daddy O: The entire world, including my business and marriage, went to hell in 1974, thanks to the Republicans and Watergate. Therapist: What? Daddy O: Believe me Doc, I was there, it happened!
Therapist: How long were you actually married? Daddy O: This is a kicker! We were married ten years to the day and the day was 911. Therapist: Your kidding? Daddy O: Long before Osama I had always grieved on 911, in memory of the wedding/divorce date. Walking out of the court house I looked over and Nancy was crying in the rain. Several weeks later when picking up the kids I asked her why? She replied, "Because you looked so nice in a suit."

Therapist: Any good memories? Daddy O: Enough to fill a book. We built a beautiful, huge home on twenty-five acres in the Pickerington area. There was a 150 year old barn there and we built the house to match the barn. Behind the house we built a two acre lake, my very own Walden Pond.

When the marriage started to fall apart I asked Nancy to make up a list of things she liked and disliked about me. My favorite Nancy story is one of the items she wrote in the "dislikes" category. It said, "Thinks he knows everything," and in parenthesis she put (probably does). That was one of the highest compliments I have ever received and it was in the dislikes section, hahaha.

The house I am living in today is the exact size, length, width and height as just our family room was, on that farm in Pickerington.

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