first session wrap-up, take notes there will be a test.....

Question: You talk about your mother
but have not yet mentioned your father?
The tricycle on the roof of my workshop. that is Dad's story, if you're sobbing
now just wait until you read the trike page.

Question: Did your mother live
long enough to see you leave Newark.
She was around just long enough to see me inducted into the Air Force, when
my student defermant ran out, because I no longer had enough money for college.
It broke her heart and within months she died of a heart attack.
This was after complications from a fall on the ice, on her way to student teach.

Question: How do you keep track
of all the women in your life?
Both of my parents were only children so I
never had an aunt, uncle or cousin. Having no relatives forced me
into "adopting" the people I have met along the way and making them my family.
I try very hard to stay in contact with almost everyone.
The women just happen to look better coalescing to the
theme Blue Jay Road. It's not like I'm keeping track of anything,
it's like...these are my friends.

the beautiful view from my favorite parking spot, near blue jay road

Question: Judging what I am reading on your website, guess
I am not the only one that you don't get along with. ....... Friend?
You apparently loose them often!!!!!
Throughout my life I was always attracted to the women
with "broken wings." Solving their problems made me feel good and
interreacting with them was usually exciting. After I turned fifty however,
I decided to let a few of them fly away. When you
get older you realize, some of the people out there
really aren't worth your time and effort.

Question: A lot of people think you have this
"thing" for young babes, is that true?
I have this motto, "Eight to eighty, blind, crippled or crazy."
Way to many of them have fallen under the catagory "Crazy," hehehe.

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